ILLUMINATE 2017 Lineup

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Becoming Supernatural
Luminary Living Room Series with Dr. Joe Dispenza
Thursday, June 1, 2:30 pm SPAC Black Box

In interaction with the loving intelligence of the unified field - healing happens - on every level. A walking example of a miracle amongst us, Dr. Joe Dispenza has dedicated his life to demystifying the mystical and sharing his discoveries with the world. Come and explore, learn/gain insight, understand, be inspired, and connect with this wondrous field/force where the impossible becomes possible, and ordinary becomes extraordinary. Understand the complexities of miracles and this most incomprehensible force in a fun, dynamic, accessible way


Joe Dispenza - New York Times bestselling author, researcher, chiropractor and lecturer. Dr. Dispenza has taught neuroscience and human potential to thousands of people around the world. He empowers you with the knowledge and tools to eliminate destructive and everyday habits so that you can reach your vision and goals. His creative approach bridges the gap between neuroscience and true human potential. He explains how you can literally rewire your brain to create a new mind and produce new results in your life.

Awakening the Power of Evolutionary Love
Luminary Living Room Series with Barbara Marx Hubbard
Sunday, June 4, 1:00 pm SPAC - classroom

This intimate discussion will reveal and activate the expression of the universal impulse of evolution within us as our passion to create. This expanded passion is now awakening in us, en masse, as the Universe literally needs an awakening people to work together for an awakening world. The experience will invite us to join together for the greatest movement the world has ever seen: The Awakening of Evolutionary Eros en masse!

Finding Light In Dark Hours
Luminary Living Room Series with James Twyman
Cinema Revisited
Sunday, June 4, 6:15 pm Mary D. Fisher Theatre

Through film clips, song and onstage conversation, celebrated filmmaker, author, musician and peace troubadour James Twyman (The Moses Code) shares insight on finding light in life's dark times. We can move the needle as we consciously direct prayers of peace to a world in crisis.

A Q&A with James Twyman follows.