ILLUMINATE 2016 Lineup

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The C Word
Southwest Premiere

Thursday, Jun 2, 12:00 pm
Friday, Jun 3, 10:45 am
Mary D. Fisher Theatre
SPAC Black Box


The C Word, directed by Meghan O'Hara – Cancer is no laughing matter – but the archaic way we are battling it is. Executive produced and narrated by Morgan Freeman, this film explores hidden science, the absurdity of the status quo, and introduces a vibrant cast of characters changing the cancer game.

Producer Pascaline Servan-Schreiber will be in attendance

Home Care
Sedona Premiere

Thursday, Jun 2, 2:15 pm
Saturday, Jun 4, 3:45 pm
Mary D. Fisher Theatre
SPAC Black Box

Home Care, directed by Slávek Horák – The official 2016 Oscar® entry for the Czech Republic, this appealing humanist tale follows Vlasta, a dedicated home nurse whose entire life is devoted to saving others, as she reluctantly ventures into spirituality and alternative medicine to find salvation for herself.

Pursuing Happiness
Sedona Premiere

Friday, Jun 3, 1:00 pm SPAC Black Box

Pursuing Happiness, directed by Adam Shell – The desire to be happy is so intense that we spend an immeasurable amount of time and money in an effort to obtain it. This enchanting, revelatory documentary explores the happiest people in America and uncovers the secrets to their happiness.

A Q&A with director Adam Shell follows.

Orange Sunshine
Arizona Premiere

Friday, Jun 3, 4:15 pm Mary D. Fisher Theatre

Orange Sunshine, directed by William A. Kirkley – During the early 1960's, a group of family, friends, and surfers formed a church centered around psychedelics. For The Brotherhood of Eternal Love, the mission was to enlighten the world, and the law was but a mere interference.

PANEL DISCUSSION: A discussion on ethics and psychedelics follows.

Icaros: A Vision
Southwest Premiere

Saturday, Jun 4, 1:15 pm Mary D. Fisher Theatre

Icaros: A Vision, directed by Leonor Caraballo and Matteo Norzi - A film shaped like a shamanic journey utilizing the unique qualities of plant medicine, steeped in a psychoactive brew exploring fear and destiny in the jungle of the mind and the Amazon.

A Q&A with director Matteo Norzi following Icaros: A Vision. A Q&A with director Sande Zeig, executive producer Sandra Morse and Sister Judy Bisignano follows the short

Preceded by:  
Sister Jaguar's Journey | USA | 2015 | 20 minutes • Documentary Short

A New High
Sedona Premiere

Sunday, Jun 5, 10:30 am SPAC Black Box

A New High, directed by Samuel Miron and Stephen Scott Scarpulla - Everyone defines their mountain. For the residents of a Seattle homeless shelter, it's homelessness, addiction, abuse.... and the 14,400-foot Mt Rainier.