Women Filmmakers Leading the Way in Conscious Film

The Sedona Women featured guest speaker
Danette Wolpert, ILLUMINATE Executive Director

Women Filmmakers Leading the Way in Conscious Film

February 10, 2016
9:30am - noon
Creative Life Center – 333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona AZ

Humanity craves inspiring stories that push us along on our journey toward happiness, freedom, abundance and peace. A new movement in conscious filmmaking aims to make these stories plentiful and accessible, empowering those who see them to live kinder, wiser, more enlightened lives.

Because the dominant themes in conscious cinema are compassion, self-care, connected community and the inward journey, women filmmakers are leading the way.

Join Danette Wolpert, founder of the Illuminate Film Festival, as she takes you behind the scenes of the film business to explain what it takes to usher a film from script to screen and how women are pioneering this new movement.

Watch a selection of short films that will inspire you to seek greater levels of awareness and discover the moving image as a compelling tool for enrichment, personal growth and wellness.

Whether you're a movie buff, a self-help junkie, or you have a burning desire to make a film, conscious cinema is bound to enlighten and transform you.