Ticketing Coordinator
ILLUMINATE Film Festival
Job Description

February 1 - June 30, 2018


The Ticketing Coordinator oversees the Ticketing and Box Office operation for the ILLUMINATE Film Festival. Duties include serving as the liaison to the ticketing vendor; overseeing online ticketing, ticket tracking, and post-Festival Box Office reporting; and administrating complimentary tickets to sponsors, filmmakers, industry guests, press, outreach partners, staff and VIPs.

Job Description:

  • Work with Managing Director and Executive Director to set festival pass and ticket pricing, pass promotions, sales timeline and ticketing policies
  • Negotiate with and manage ticketing vendor o Finalize terms for fee structure, onsite box office personnel, reporting, etc. 
    • Set and manage timeline for web setup, data upload, go-live dates for pass specials, early bird ticketing, all-access selection and regular ticketing 
    • Provide vendor with schedule, program, pricing data, as well as ticket buyer auto-response verbiage. Oversee proofing of ticket vendor web pages and forms 
  • Work with Marketing Team to advertise ticket and pass promotions 
  • Oversee festival ticketing processes 
    • Create smooth online and in-person ticket buying experience 
    • Set and manage complimentary ticket allotments for sponsors, filmmakers, industry guests, press, outreach partners, staff and VIPs. 
    • Manage All-Access passholder purchasing, film selection and general communications 
    • Manage reporting, sales tracking and updates to team (especially rush line films) 
  • Manage badge creation and distribution o Collect lists of all attendees who will be receiving a badge–VIP, Filmmaker, Industry, Convergence, Sponsor, Staff, Support Team 
    • Print initial run of labels and a-fix to appropriate badge type. Insert badge into holder. 
    • Create and proof welcome letters and add to envelopes containing program guide, badge, and any vouchers or tickets. 
    • Update badgeholder lists as new information comes in (new registrations, changes in staff, press attendees, etc) 
    • Print new badge labels on site as needed 
  • Oversee registration, ensuring all departments are informed and equipped 
  • Oversee box office operations during Festival, including onsite box office personnel 
    • Ensure seamless exchange of vouchers at the box office (Groupon tickets, raffle prize vouchers, couponbook vouchers, etc)

Attends IFF team meetings

  • Attends Operations team meetings

  • Meets regularly with supervisor re developments in planning

  • Meets with other departments as needed

Prepare detailed WRAP REPORT
Transition successor
Perform other duties as assigned

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to info@illuminatefilmfestival.com.

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