Special Events Coordinator

Special Events Coordinator
Job Description

Oct 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018   

1) Reports to Associate Operations Manager

2) Responsible for the implementation of all IFF special events.

3) Works closely with Entertainment Coordinator, Healing Lounge Coordinator, Conscious Marketplace vendor, and Food & Beverages Partnership Coordinator.

• Assists in negotiations and selection of venues for special events.
• Together with Operations Manager, meets with venue representatives (Catering Manager and/or Venue Manager) to discuss logistics of event as follows:

  • Date and time, menu, set and break down, electrical outlets, noise ordinance, signage, tables and chairs, garbage disposal, rentals – delivery and pick up, onsite maintenance, etc.

• Works with Operations to discuss and plan for ticket sales, raffle sales, signage, AV, registration, VIP receptions, vendors, etc.
• Works with Operations Manager to identify rental needs and place orders for rentals (chairs, tables, table cloths, etc)
• Works with Operations to arrange for transportation of equipment, signage and supplies, if needed.
• Works with Development to accommodate sponsors and their products (beverages, food, etc.)
• Works with IFF Venue Manager and Volunteer Coordinator to assign volunteers to specific tasks.
• Communicates with Tech re AV needs, electrical outlets, screening needs, etc.
• Drafts production schedule to include all aspects of venue management and IFF department participation.
• Plans parking and negotiates with neighbors where necessary.
• Works within projected budget provided by Executive Director

• Supervises all aspects of event and ensures sufficient staff and volunteers for smooth operation of event.
• Is first to arrive and last to leave
• Oversees all load-in and loadout activities
• Coordinates set up and break down of rentals, AV, registration, VIP reception, signage
• Communicates throughout event with volunteer manager, tech, venue manager
• Supervises vendor set-up


  • Attends IFF team meetings
  • Attends IFF retreat
  • Attends Operations team meetings
  • Meets regularly with supervisor re developments in planning
  • Meets with other departments as needed
  • Sends out acknowledgement notes
  • Prepares Wrap report
  • Transition/train successor (during current season or at beginning of next season)
  • Other duties as assigned

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to info@illuminatefilmfestival.com.

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