Social Media Specialist

Social Media Specialist
ILLUMINATE Film Festival
Job Description

October 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018


  • Manage and operate social media campaigns for social media assets including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, etc.
  • Identify and monitor influencers and build relationships with brand advocates; coordinate blogger and influencer outreach; serve as Community Manager for our branded community.
  • Strategize and update the editorial calendar with concepts that align with brand, product and business initiatives.
  • Draft, edit and publish blog posts, social media posts, and other social content with compelling graphics, photography and/or videography per a pre-defined schedule/project plan and in real time as necessary, along with a team of bloggers and social media interns.
  • Drive engagement and fan activity around defined topics; cultivate smart, strategic partnerships that support content and marketing objectives.
  • Monitor all social mentions using one-voice messaging to fans when appropriate.
  • Identify and analyze issues, patterns and trends across community conversations and interactions, creating action plans to optimize future social initiatives.
  • Conduct competitive audits to identify best practices in social media across industries and brand types; stay up to date on new social media best practices and what other organizations and companies are creating.

Daily Tasks

  • Check and respond to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram comments/posts
  • Engage #Illuminate #IlluminateFilmFestival #ConsciousFilm hashtags
  • Search web for content for social channels
  • Write and schedule tweets
  • Take and source photos for Instagram
  • Create content for Facebook (images from Instagram/Blog or relevant outside content)
  • Find relevant accounts to follow on all channels – while unfollowing irrelevant
  • Work on writing and creating original content and scheduling posts
  • Optimize each post for SEO
  • Create images for posts either photography or working with Creative Director
  • Analyze what content is performing well – adjust copy/links accordingly
  • Research current events in social media
  • Research competitor's social media strategies/stay aware of what competitors are doing

Weekly Tasks

  • Search for bloggers & social influencers to help promote IFF
  • Be up to date with IFF marketing initiatives and act as a resource to amplify their efforts
  • Meet with customer care to talk about customer issues and social updates
  • Look for relevant brands for future collaborations
  • Ensure social media profiles are up to date
  • Make sure Google+ & Linkedin are up to date

Special Projects

  • Work with marketing team on location to understand event – live tweet/Instagram for special lifestyle events
  • Develop guidelines for social media usage/posting at IFF

Important Skills

  • Experience with managing social media
  • Media software experience (Hootsuite, tweetdeck)
  • Written and verbal communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Proactive/Independent
  • Photography/Editing skills
  • Ability to adopt the brand voice
  • Communicate professionally, yet personably with audiences
  • Organization
  • Time Management
  • Ability to analyze social data, find patterns and adjust content accordingly

Team Fit

  • You are a self-motivated, conscious individual.
  • You are on your own journey to a conscious awareness.
  • You read social media posts, blogs and online magazines about consciousness, wellness, self- discovery/human journey, mind-body science, spirituality, yoga, meditation, organic and plant-based nutrition or sustainable living.
  • You have an eye for compelling content.
  • You strive for uniformity and consistency in look and feel because you just love a good looking Instagram feed.

Prepare detailed WRAP REPORT
Transition successor
Perform other duties as assigned

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to

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