Production Manager

Production Manager
ILLUMINATE Film Festival
Job Description

Feb 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018

Primary responsibility is ensuring organizational effectiveness in the planning and execution of on-the-ground operations of the film festival.

General Responsibilities:

  • Oversees the following departments: Theater/Venue Operations, Tech, Inventory, Signage.
  • Meets bi-weekly with Production team and weekly with Exec Team.
  • Schedules inter-departmental meetings as necessary to ensure communication between departments.
  • Ensures effectiveness and efficiency of Support Services through improvements to each function as well as coordination and communication between functions.
  • Recruits production team
  • Drives initiatives of production team
  • Acts as liaison between venue representative and Illuminate Film Festival functions.
  • Creates Master schedule for Film festival to include minute-by-minute timing of all films, panels, load ins and load outs, Q & As, VIP guest arrivals, red carpets, special events, rehearsals, box office hours, venue hours, healing village hours, etc.
  • Signage: Develops list of signs needed for all venues; works with marketing team (who works with graphic designer and sign maker) to produce all signs; creates list of signage locations and transportation; ensures accurate installation of signs; oversees de-installation of signs and return to inventory.
  • Oversees Inventory: Contracts with rental companies; purchases necessary items; organizes outside transportation of items where necessary; works with venue/theater ops manager to ensure delivery of all items to correct location.
  • Submits budgets and check requests as needed by ED.
  • Works with venue/theater ops team to ensure smooth operations during festival; trouble-shooting and problem resolution.
  • Participates in all mandatory meetings, debriefs and wrap-ups.
  • Prepare detailed WRAP REPORT, along with other operations team members
  • Transition/train successor

Venue Operations Responsibilities:

Main responsibilities include organizing theater protocols and logistics, recruiting and managing a team of theater managers, setup of theaters, maintaining a tight theater schedule, working with the filmmakers, dealing with public customer service issues, and overall flow of the theatre.

Any new information released during the festival (added screenings, changes in protocol, changes in guests, etc.) must be communicated to the theater team by the Venue Production Manager.

  • Recruit, assign and schedule Theatre Managers and Assistant Theater Managers (double as Volunteer Captains)
  • Educate and train theater staff – Managers and Assistant Managers
  • Set up scripts for Introductions by Introducers/Theater Managers
  • Oversee theater preparation for ALL venues; Liaise with venue operator, festival Technical Director and tech staff, as well as Head Theater Manager
  • Prepare paperwork for pre-festival theatre needs and ensure paperwork is formulated, copied and complete 5 days before festival: Theater Bible, reserved seat signs, theatre flow charts, theatre management reports, theatre staff evaluations and signage.
  • Order equipment rentals (e.g. stanchions, easels, walkies, red carpet, step-and-repeat, etc.)
  • Complete an inventory list for each venue
  • Liaise with festival departments:
    • Liaise with Programming/Filmmaker Services departments to determine which filmmakers require greeting, reserved seating and prepping for speaking
    • Liaise with Tech team to implement tech checks and ensure quality projection, audio, lighting and transitions for intros, Q&As and special stage programs
    • Liaise with in-house Ticketing Coordinator and CTS to ensure that ticketing and theater operations remain seamless
    • Liaise with Volunteer Coordinator to ensure sufficient flow of volunteers for theaters to cover all dates and screening times. Create back-up procedures in the event of volunteer no-shows.
    • Liaise with Press Department to organize red carpets, photos, interviews, etc.
    • Liaise with Sponsorship/Development department to ensure sponsor benefits IN theaters are handled (signage, etc.)
    • Liaise with Membership department to ensure smooth execution of donation programs
  • Train theater managers on logistics, safety concerns, evacuation procedures, Box Office operations and theater protocols
  • During Festival, be main contact for all Theater Managers to discuss issues
  • During Festival, routinely visit all screening locations to ensure all operations are running in a smooth and efficient manner.
  • Ensure ballots for EVERY eligible screening are accounted for and submitted
  • Return all equipment and signage to ILLUMINATE headquarters
  • Ensures that all Theater Managers and Assistant Managers prepare a “wrap” report for their venue.
  • Prepares overall Theater Management wrap to include samples of all forms, letters, e-mails, policies/procedures, all staff wrap reports
  • Transition/train successor
  • Other duties as assigned

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