Spotlight Conversation: Norman Seeff On Creativity - The Power of a Dream
Conscious Film Convergence

 Conscious Film Convergence  SPAC Main Stage  Friday, Jun 3, 1:30 pm

As a photographer for the most prolific artists of our time - Tina Turner, Johnny Cash, Jim Henson, Steve Jobs, Martin Scorsese and Will.I.AM, to name a few, Norman Seeff knows something about the creative process. Through his innovative methodology, he has developed a body of content exploring the roots of creativity, innovation and optimal performance and has identified schematics describing the archetypes of the creative process that function across all creative disciplines. The fundamental tenet of his work is that all creation is sourced in the inner resources of consciousness and that everyone has access to the same innate resources.

Preceeded by the Conscious Film Convergence Keynote by Chaz Ebert.

Keynote by Chaz Ebert and Spotlight Conversation: Norman Seeff On Creativity—The Power of a Dream are included on the same ticket.



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