Natural Action Technologies Inc.

PO Box 1449
Cornville, Arizona 86325
Office: (928) 567-6466

Natural Action was founded in 2010 by Clayton Nolte. During his career of over 40 years in Research and Development, Clayton became interested in the properties of Structured Water. He has devoted his life, talents and resources to studying this phenomenon and producing cleaner, healthier, energized water. Natural Action is the result of the ability to ask a question and hear the answer. Water appeared where it should not. With a self-stated mission to "make Structured Water available to every man, woman and child on this planet in my lifetime," Clayton, through Natural Action, creates products that enhance life, clarity and consciousness. Today, Natural Action has distributors in over 24 countries worldwide. Many people are enjoying the benefits of Structured Water. The talented, passionate team at Natural Action has developed an array of water structuring devices for indoor, outdoor and portable use, in their efforts to provide Structured Water to everyone.

Mission Statement

To deliver the life force energy, health and restorative benefits of Structured Water to the world, and make it easy for all to enjoy its qualities. The Structured Water units benefit not only mankind directly, but also our vegetables, livestock and pets, by delivering increased nutrients and more quality hydration.

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