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ILLUMINATE Film Festival at your fingertip - coming Spring 2018!

Now get the entire festival lineup on your mobile device with our FREE mobile app from Eventbase:

  • Films
  • Reel Healings
  • Special Guest Presentation
  • Filmmaker Q&A Discussions
  • Parties
  • Speakers & Performers
  • Maps and directions
  • Registration information

Set your favorites with reminders and you are ready to roll. Share what is happening immediately to social media right from the app!

Eventbase Mobile App

Install the application in 3 easy steps:

1. Download, install and open the App for iPhone / iPad / Android / Blackberry / Mobile Web.

    Direct from your smart phone App Store or https://free.eventbase.com/download

2. Search for Illuminate Film Festival and select it.

3. The schedule will be downloaded to your device.

(If you are not connected to the internet the schedule and venue maps are still available.)

(Internet connection provides additional GPS, social media and website links.)