May I Be Frank
With Post-Screening Q&A: Where is Frank Now?

Frank Ferrante is a 54 year old Sicilian from Brooklyn living in San Francisco. A lover of life, great food, beautiful women and a good laugh, Frank is also a drug addict, morbidly obese, pre-diabetic, and fighting Hepatitis C. He's estranged from his daughter, single, and struggling with depression. Frank knows that life can be better than this, and is looking for a way out. May I Be Frank documents the incredible transformation Frank Ferrante experiences after unknowingly stumbling into Café Gratitude, a raw, organic and vegan restaurant in San Francisco. 

For the next 42 days, Frank will turn his life over to three twenty-something young men committed to his healing and prepared to coach him physically, emotionally and spiritually. Frank will eat only raw food, practice gratitude, visit local holistic practitioners, and get a weekly colonic. Ryland, Conor, and Cary get to support and witness Frank's miraculous transformation. Frank gets a new body, a clearer mind, and most importantly, a soaring spirit. Over those 42 days, the four men go on the ride of their lives. Setting out to help Frank lose weight and get healthy, no one anticipated the profound impact this journey would have on the lives of countless others. Through Frank's story of love, redemption, and transformation, the viewers witness the power of change for themselves and the world. May I Be Frank documents the essence of the human condition and what it truly means to fall in love again.

Immediately following the film, join the star of the film, Frank Ferrante in a humorous and heartfelt Q & A session. At once a 'macho man' and a deeply sweet soul, Frank reveals how this 42-day experience changed his life, and how becoming a well-known "phenomenon" in the public eye allowed him to touch countless lives.

Preceded by:   Alchemy | U.S.A. | 2013 | 7 minsNarrative Short
  Directed by: Winston Abalos
Alchemy is the powerful story of a young man's search of redemption set to an illuminating soundtrack highlighting his journey.

Recommendation: For a deeper integration of how what you eat can transform your mind, body, and spirit, we recommend the next-day workshop The New Science of Conscious Intuitive Eating with raw food and nutritional experts Nathan Crane & Laura Fox, in an engaging and mind-expanding new perspective on the all-important issue of food.

 Documentary Feature  Sedona Creative Life Center  Sat, May 31st 9:30 am

Cast & Crew   Technical
Gregg Marks

Executive Producers:
Mollie Engelhart , Tim Ryan

Ryland Engelhart , Conor Gaffney, Cary Mosier

Gregg Marks

Principal Cast:
Mathew Engelhart, Ryland Engelhart , Frank Ferrante ,Conor Gaffney Cary Mosier
United States

Run Time:
90 min



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