ILLUMINATE 2014 is chock full of transformational films, enlightening workshops, and renowned presenters.  Help build the conscious cinema movement at our Conscious FIlm Convergence, then make a beeline for the ILLUMINATE Healing Village for some R & R.

2014's Transformational Films

ILLUMINATE showcases paradigm-busting, consciousness-expanding narratives, documentaries and shorts on consciousness, wellness, spiritual practice, body-mind science, organic and plant-based nutrition, and sustainable living. Featuring the ground-breaking Reel Healing series, a comprehensive "View and Do" experience offering a soul-inspiring movie followed by an immersive healing workshop or performance for a deeper integration of the movie's message [2014 film lineup].

2014's Enlightening Workshops

Feel inspired by a film to act, expand, or integrate? Deepen your enlightened movie-going experience at one of our workshops on conscious living, enlightened relationships, self-empowerment, and manifesting your Big Audacious Goal [2014 workshop lineup].

Our Conscious Film Convergence

A half-day film industry program for notable and aspiring mind-body-spirit filmmakers to learn, share, and build new models for production, marketing, and distribution of conscious cinema, featuring panels of industry experts [2014 Convergence lineup]

Healing Village

Want to relax between movies? Experience samplings and services of the region's best health and wellness practitioners, including massage therapists, bodyworkers, reiki specialists, sound healers, light therapists, intuitive readers, Chinese tea experts, and more [2014 Healing Village lineup].