Healing Lounge Coordinator

Healing Lounge Coordinator
Job Description

Nov 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 

This is a volunteer position  

1)  Responsible for implementation of entire Healing Lounge area and event

2)   Responsible for recruitment and management of participants (practitioners and vendors)


  • Work with marketing to:
    • advertise healing village availability (social media, website).
    • Create website pages
    • Send out email blasts to all previous participants from 2014-2017
    • Create Healing Lounge flyers (budget permitting)
  • Follow up leads with phone calls.
  • Meet with all potential practitioners and vendors to determine right fit for IFF.
  • Create healing lounge contracts
  • Select final candidates and send out acceptance letters with contracts.
  • Send out rejection letters and alternate letters.
  • Work with marketing to set up payment procedures on website. Ensure smooth operation of payments.
  • Work with marketing and operations to create general signage for healing lounge and table signage for each participant.
  • Encourage vendors and practitioners to advertise IFF through social media, email, word-of-mouth. 


  • As soon as HL location has been confirmed, create layout of booths.
  • Determine fees for table spaces/booths and for services.
  • Create rules for decoration of booth, use of signage, etc. - include in contract and on website.
  • Establish needs of each practitioner/vendor re space
  • Work with operations to calculate rental needs – tables, chairs, table cloths (check IFF inventory and venue supply)
  • Establish electrical needs of vendors and practitioners
  • Work with Operations Manager to set load-in and load out hours.
  • Create map of booth placement
  • Assign booths
  • Pre load-in: Tape booth spaces and set up table signage.
  • Arrange for overnight security if needed.


  • Determine IFF benefits re festival tickets, if any, and include in contract.
  • Work with ticketing to ensure accurate distribution of tickets.
  • Communicate with vendors and practitioners regularly –biweekly until 4 weeks prior to festival, then weekly.
  • Collect signed contracts and track payments.
  • Oversee load-in and load-out.
  • Oversee healing lounge during film festival and ensure that vendor/practitioner needs are met.
  • Meet with Volunteer Manager to ensure that sufficient volunteers are assigned to healing lounge for load-in, load-out and during festival to assist vendors, practitioners, and yourself.
  • Create and collect satisfaction surveys for healing lounge practitioners.
  • Send out thank you notes after festival.


  • Attends IFF team meetings
  • Attends IFF retreat
  • Attends Operations team meetings
  • Meets regularly with supervisor re developments in planning
  • Meets with other departments as needed
  • Prepares Wrap report
  • Transition/train successor (during current season or at beginning of next season)
  • Other duties as assigned

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to info@illuminatefilmfestival.com.

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