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AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda
& Kirtan Chanting with Mas Vidal.
Southwest Premiere

AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda is an unconventional biography spotlighting the legendary East Indian mystic who introduced yoga and meditation to the West in the conservative 1920s. Yogananda's classic best-seller "Autobiography of a Yogi" continues to reach millions worldwide and became the go-to book for countless seekers, including George Harrison, Russell Simmons and Steve Jobs (it was the only book he had on his iPad). Filmed over three years with the participation of 30 countries, this documentary examines the current consciousness of East and West, and also the world of yoga, both modern and ancient. Understanding Yogananda's vast influence helps explain why millions today have turned their attention inwards, bucking the temptations of the material world in pursuit of self-realization.. 

Q & A with directors Paola di Florio and Lisa Leeman and producer Peter Rader.

Song Of The New Earth
With Reel Healing: Sound Journey with Three Trees
Southwest Premiere

From director Ward Serrill (The Heart of the Game) and co-producer Betsy Chasse (What the Bleep Do We Know!?), Song of the New Earth features the transformative life journey of renowned sound healer, psychotherapist , brain scientist and modern day mystic Tom Kenyon. From a young aspiring Nashville musician to an internationally revered sound alchemist.

Q & A with director Ward Serril and co-producer Betsy Chasse.

When My Sorrow Died: The Legend of Armen Ra and the Theremin
With Sound Journey Performance by Armen Ra
Arizona Premiere

Glamorously eccentric and enigmatic Theremin virtuoso Armen Ra recounts his dynamic journey in this life-spanning documentary that mixes rare concert performances, deeply candid interviews, and archive material with the magical power of music that can alchemize ancient sorrow into timeless beauty. Having performed in esteemed venues including the United Nations and Lincoln Center, and appeared on CNN, HBO, MTV, VH1 and in Vogue, The New York Times, The Village Voice, Rolling Stone and Glamour, Ra is one of few remaining Theremin masters in the world, playing an instrument that is no longer being made.

Q&A with Armen Ra and producer Matt Huffman

& Emotional Freedom Ride with Eva Maurice
US Premiere

Catalzyed by the passing of his dear buddy Steve Irwin, Australian producer Justin Lyons tracked down the world's leading alternative health and emotional healing experts to find cures for the incurable. Neale Donald Walsh, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bradley Nelson, and Nassim Haramein converge to deliver the most comprehensive choose-your-own-adventure road to recovery from all that ails humanity - trapped emotions, fears, and unprocessed life experiences that countless people unknowingly hold in their bodies. Join Eva Maurice and emotional clearing practitioners to uncover inner peace, abundance, longevity and loving relationships in this powerful film-workshop one-two punch.

Dance of Liberation
Dance into the Deep with Live DJ
World Premiere

Dance of Liberation follows the visually stunning, inspirational journey of a lost and broken young woman who transforms into a powerful soul healer - and bravely tries to mend her deepest childhood wound along the way. Experience the true story of Israeli-American Parashakti, and how her personal practice of yoga, 13 years of ceremonial service with Native American Elders, and the creation of her own transformative healing practice, the Dance Of Liberation®, ultimately healed her life. We all have the power to transform the life we are given if we have the strength to face our shadows and the courage to move in the direction of our dreams. 

Q & A with Parashakti, Anahata & Dr. Dan Engle