Lane 1974
Arizona Premiere

Based on a true story, Lane is teenager who has to grow up fast to save her family from its self-centered, single hippie mother. The 1960/70s counterculture was formed by young adults escaping the constraints of their parents' social conformity. But what about their offspring, often raised in circumstances that rejected child-rearing conventions without any viable alternatives? This film captures the bittersweet pathos of growing up subject to the whims of free-spirited grownups who themselves could use some adult supervision. We see single mother Hallelujah (Katherine Moennig) leave her 13­-year- old eldest, Lane, to do most of the child­rearing. Meanwhile, Hallelujah finds new ways to get the family thrown out of whatever temporary safe harbor they've found. The film excels at revealing details of this alternative lifestyle and the curious deprivations the kids endure from a mother who rages against "junk food" yet doesn't worry nearly enough about whether her children get enough to eat.

REEL HEALING: Changing Lanes
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Cast & Crew   Technical
SJ Chiro

SJ Chiro, Original Story by Clane Howard

Executive Producers:
Mel Eslyn, SJ Chiro, Nesib Shamah, Amy Shamah

Jennessa West

Sebastien Scandiuzzi

Celia Beasely

Principal Cast:
Sophia Mitri Schloss, Katherine Moennig, Sara Coates

Run Time:
80 min




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