Best of Conscious Shorts

 Shorts Series  Mary D. Fisher Theatre  Friday, Jun 3, 10:15 am

SECOND SCREENING  SPAC Black Box  Sunday, Jun 5, 6:00 pm

Today I Acknowledge
Arizona Premiere
Director: Jessica Hahner * Short
Germany  *2015 * 6 minutes

Random strangers on the street are asked to pause from their busy lives and acknowledge each other with what happens next.

A Q&A with director Jessica Hahner follows.

Forgotten Ritual
U.S. Premiere
Director: Mirjam Hlastan * Short
Germany * 2015 * 11 minutes

Exploring our relationship with technology and modern society's incessant need to be 'plugged in'; asking have we lost the most important connection by plugging in and checking out?

Holistic Life Foundation: Breathing Love Into A Community
Southwest Premiere
Director: Chris Farina * Short
USA * 2015 * 22 minutes

Resolved by their own survival, three guys return to their childhood neighborhood in Baltimore to revitalize the community and to foster hope in the youth through yoga, mindfulness techniques and SO MUCH MORE....

A Q&A with director Chris Farina follows.


The Avadhut
World Premiere
Directors: Fenulla Jiwani, Jonathan Dubsky, Zottomerk and Nataraaj * Short
Canada/Portugal * 2016 * 17 minutes

After three years of relentless mourning, a mother happens upon a stranger's memorial on a winter walk. The message transforms her grief and liberates her heart.

A Q&A with director Fenulla Jiwani and producer Rahim Hirji follows.


Today I Acknowledge

Forgotten Ritual

Holistic Life Foundation: Breathing Love Into A Community


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