Paulo Coelho’s Best Story
Southwest Premiere

In the 1960s, a boy is committed to a mental hospital in Rio de Janeiro after a suicide attempt. Since then, death has been a constant companion of the man who would become one of the bestselling authors of all times: Paulo Coelho. The boy defies his family and doctors to forge the path of his life. Paulo meets his music partner, Raul Seixas, and dives head first into the universe of sex, drugs and rock and roll. He makes a pact with the Devil and enjoys fame and fortune through music, but he is still not whole; something is still missing in his life. In the early 1980s, 40-year-old Paulo breaks away from everything that ties him down and sets off on a pilgrimage on the Walk of Santiago de Compostela, looking to fulfill his dream of finding a story and becoming an acclaimed author. However, success is not Paulo’s ultimate goal. At the age of 66, the internationally celebrated writer has learned that death is his best friend. It is death that has always been by his side and that taught him to enjoy every second of his life, and to overcome life’s obstacles as he writes his own history.

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A Q&A with director Daniel Augusto and a musical tribute by Poranguí with readings by Sherab Khandro will follow.

Cast & Crew   Technical
Daniel Augusto

Carolina Kotseho

Iona de Macedo Carolina Kotseho

Jacob Solitrenick

Laticia Gissoni

Principal Cast:
Julio Andrace, Fabiania Gogli, Fabiula Nascimtnto, Kike Diaz, Nancho Novo, Paz Vega, Ravel Andrace

Run Time:
112 min


Spanish with English Subtitles


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