Death Makes Life Possible
With Post-Screening Conversation with Deepak Chopra, MD and Marilyn Schlitz, PhD
World Premiere

Death Makes Life Possible is a feature documentary film that takes the viewer on a beautiful journey through one of life's most feared experiences: death. Anthropologist, author, and scientist, Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, guides the audience on a visually engaging exploration of this taboo topic. As each of us confront issues of mortality — our own or others — we may sense that there is more to our existence, more layers or dimensions than we usually comprehend when we go about our daily lives. This film explores those layers as Marilyn engages in conversations with scientists, spiritual teachers, health professionals, scholars, children, and those who have had mystical near­-death experiences. Many share their stories of death with Marilyn as she explores the vast perspectives on this topic including scientific research, spiritual and cultural practices, ways to cope with grief, and considers the possibility that consciousness might survive after bodily death. 

Immediately after the film, Drs.Chopra and Schlitz will join us on-stage after the screening to discuss how to "evolve" our idea around death. The luminaries suggest a veritable paradigm shift in cultural conditioning of this significant transition, suggesting that there is a better way to "do" death. This film helps you consider the proposition that death could be the best thing in life.

 Documentary Feature  Sedona Performing Arts Center  Fri, May 30th 7:30 pm

Cast & Crew   Technical
Mark Krigbaum

Marilyn Schlitz

Executive Producers:
Marilyn Schlitz and Deepak Chopra

Angela Murphy

Principal Cast:
Marilyn Schlitz Deepak Chopra Lauren Artress Michael Bernard Beckwith Julie Beischel Fariba Bogzaran Dannion Brinkley & more
United States

Run Time:
63 min



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