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ILLUMINATE One of the Top Festivals to Revitalize Your Soul in 2016

Sedona Launch PartyYou’ll not want to miss ILLUMINATE 2016 – the 3rd annual World Premier Festival for Conscious Film. We promise.

Huffington Post identified ILLUMINATE Film Festival as one of the Top 24 Worldwide Festivals  and Retreats To Revitalize Your Soul In 2016.  Read more

Picture you and the planet’s most talented conscious filmmakers, actors and thought leaders. All together. In one sacred space to celebrate and honor stories that will inspire, move and mesmerize you. ... [read more]

Have We Entered a New Age of Cinema?

How Hollywood Paved the Way for the Rise of Conscious Film
What do Shawshank Redemption, Forest Gump, Avatar, Contact, and The Pursuit of Happyness all have in common? Yes, they are big hits. Yes, they have A-list stars. But those aren’t their most important features. Think back to when you first watched each film…how did you feel when you exited the theater? Were you elated? Loving? Hopeful? If so, then you’ve just received a dose of conscious-ness! Most would agree that these films fit the bill as heart-opening gems, but with one kicker… these films get you stoked about living! Who can forget Morgan Freeman’s character Red uttering the now-immortalized line, “You either get busy livin’ or you get busy dying.” Fellow inmate Andy Dufresne immediately abandoned self-pity and chose to mastermind his dream life outside prison walls by such inspiration. These films are but a few in the genre of “conscious films” that change lives, inspire choices, and elevate human consciousness. ... [read more]